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It's easy and simple - No coding and free...

Xigraffix WebdesignIt's easy and simple - No coding and free...

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Visualizationand Design

A responsive website from ddk 5.495,- ex. VAT
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We create mobile friendly accessible websites...

Get great web design at a good price. Contact us by mail and hear how we can help your company with new professional web design which is google search optimized. All our web design solutions are made in Open Source.The process starts with a talk about what you would like.

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Create awesome mobile-friendly websites!

A responsive website from ddk 5,495,- ex. VAT and we can find a web solution for every taste and wallet.

We advise you for the most optimal solution according to your needs. Once the scope of the project is defined, we make a non-binding offer for a solution that suits you.

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It's easy and simple. No coding and free.

GrafX Website Studio is a complex yet user-friendly software solution created to offer you the means of building your own website, customizing its appearance to fully meet your every need. Build your website using the provided templates.

Edit the content of each block just like you would in a regular text editor, click on media elements to insert your own image.

Responsive web design

Get your website transformed into a
responsive design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it.

RWD is one approach to the problem of designing for the multitude of devices available to customers, ranging from tiny phones to huge desktop monitors.RWD uses so-called breakpoints to determine how the layout of a site will appear: one design is used above a breakpoint and another design is applied below that breakpoint.

A successful web design uses a
simple formula...

We use structural formula to build website design, which means that it is structured and easy to use.

quotesThe right color choice for web design also helps to achieve the above. Background color, logo color, text color, heading color, etc. all have a great influence on the design.quotes

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Grafx WebsiteStudio

Design with focus on ease of use


Would you like a free

Would you like a free website that you can update or search for new web inspiration? Then Grafx Website Studio is our own Danish-produced Content Management System (cms) in which you can create your own website with up to 10 pages quickly and easily.

That way you can create and update your own website for free with the associated website templates. No commitment period and no unsure subscription ...

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GrafX Website Studio

We build our websites with
strategy for visibility...

Are you looking for a web design that reflects you or your company? and what is a good web design? In order to answer the question, it requires knowledge of the goal of the website. With us, you get a website and web design that meets all the necessary requirements for a modern website.

We primarily build our websites and web design with Visibility Strategy (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and in our own software GrafX Website Studio.

Let our experts build an amazing site for you...


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